Click here for the digital Pinetum Map

Since 2007 Wickham Park has been labeling many of our native and ornamental trees and shrubs, which allows visitors to identify, study, and compare the park’s living collections.  Labels include common name, Latin (scientific) name, and native geographic range. Currently there are hundreds of labeled trees and shrubs and the Park strives to add new varieties to its collection each year. Plants throughout the park are labeled and additional signs are placed each year.


A Pinetum is a collection of conifers planted for scientific or ornamental purposes. Conifers are trees or shrubs that bear cones and have needle-like or scale-like leaves, which are typically– but not always– evergreen. The Wickham Park Pinetum was created between 2016 and 2020 to serve as an aesthetic and educational planting, and to strengthen the Park’s existing Arboretum while also providing a visual barrier to Route 44. Individual trees are labeled, and a hard-copy map showing the locations of each species is available at the Gatehouse and Nature Center during visiting hours. A digital version of the map can be found above. Non-conifer plantings are incorporated in the Pinetum for visual contrast and for ecological diversity.

Guided Tree tours are offered each spring and a self-guided tree tour map is available at the front gate and Nature Center.